We want to enable private households to maximize their use of data. We want to give you insights and information which you never had so far. We prepare your data, so you can be sure that your next decisions will not be taken on a gut feeling any more. We are passionate about data, statistics and vizualisation, so we call us ourself Data Scientists, Data Engineers or just Data Lovers.

How Do I Become A Customer?

As we seek to support the right people matching towards our goals, each potential customer has to apply for our services. We want to meet you and discuss the partnership together in a relaxed atmosphere, so we see if it is a match together.

Additional our customer slots are also limited because we strive to provide you the best possible and exklusive service.

Discreet Cooperation

Privacy is the most important goal of our organizsation, so we ensure a discret relationship with our customers. We do not only protect our customers as best as possible, we do this also for the data by state of the art security.


With all of our potential customers we briefly take our time to show our solution. We do not only have our standardized solutions, which we will introduce to you - we also deeply discuss with you your needs and which are possible to realize. Be sure we want to take your household analytics to a new level.